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Explosive Nebula 3pc Bed SetExplosive Nebula 3pc Bed Set

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Explosive Nebula  Low-Top Leather Sports SneakersExplosive Nebula  Low-Top Leather Sports Sneakers

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Fly High Womens BootsFly High Womens Boots
  • The Great Northwest

    My inspiration comes from being in the beautiful state of Oregon. Surrounded by forests, beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains and wildlife, my true happiness is being surrounded by natural beauty. I love to travel and do photography, this site allows you to visit those places with me every day by having one of my photos on an every day item you use at home, like a pillow or a coffee mug! AND you're personally helping a small business grow! THANK YOU! :)

  • About Me

    My name is Ashley Armstrong, I was born in Ridgecrest California and moved to Oregon with my parents at a young age. I love to do all kinds of different styles of art as well as ride motorcycles, fish, hike and go on random outdoor adventures with my favorite border collie pup Kindred! :) I also have a kitty named Sketch! They are my partners in crime and my very own Milo and Otis duo. Always entertaining and never a dull moment in our house.

  • Why I Do What I Do

    I've always been able to see the beauty in everything around me except for my own until a few years ago. Since then my desire and passion to spread love and creative beauty as far as i can has only gotten stronger. I want to make clothes and designs that pique the curious minds, that trigger thoughts in the thinkers and emotions in the ones that look to feel something. I want to inspire creativity, emotion, thoughts and love for ones self. I want to inspire being different!

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