Customized Merch/Products

Here are products customers contacted me directly to make for them! If you have a specific design or a design from my Art page you want on a product just click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. Just let me know what design you want( you can add a picture of a specific design as well if its not one of my own)(if its one of mine just include the name of the piece and what variation you would like to use) and include what product(s) you need made. It's that easy!
I do my best to respond to customers immediately but it could be a few hours before you get a response only because I also manage a dog daycare full time Monday thru Friday. 
I am honored that you've not only heard about my store but have also decided to visit! Thank you and I hope I get to make something for you that helps express who you are and helps bring good feelings to the surface.

Heavensent Merch - Click here to view more Heavensent Merch designed by Armstrong Design and Art

Heavensent Bomber Jacket - Click here to get yours!


Loui B Shark Shoes - Click here to get a pair! 

Boy Azure Bucket Hats - Get yours here!

Gordo Merch -  Click here for Purple or click here for Yellow

Magic, Fairytales & Endless Love Sweatshirt - Click here to get your size!

Mandy's Pet Bandanas Request - Click here to get your pets a gift!

Jacobs B-Day Present  - Exact request